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Bits of Me

13 November
Beauty Is

Beauty is. There's no need to force it, or strive for it, take it, possess it or consume it.
Beauty is here when you open yourself to it. Beauty is here when you see it, appreciate it, live and love and express it.

In the grand experiences and in the small moments, beauty is. Beauty touches something within you that words can never adequately describe and the mind can never fully explain.

Remember often to allow life's beauty to touch you, to fill you. And you will become more creative, effective, peaceful and purposeful.

Beauty is, here and now and anytime you choose to live it. Though there is often much trouble and sorrow in life, there is always more beauty to be lived.

Beauty is, and the more you live it the more abundant beauty becomes. Let life's beauty shine brightly through you.

Author -- Ralph Marston